App Summary

The app summary gives you an overview of your whole application. It is useful for finding interconnections between your forms and cases by using the different search and view options on each page.

The app summary is split into two core sections: the Form Summary and the Case Summary.

Accessing the App Summary

You can access the app summary by clicking the app summary link on the releases page, in the form builder, or on each build. Clicking the build link will take you to that version's app summary, allowing you to see how your app has changed over time.

Accessing App Summary from the Releases Page

Accessing App Summary from the Form Builder

Accessing App Summary from Case Management Screen

Form Summary

The form summary shows a list of every menu, case list, form, and question that you have in your application.

The following elements of each question can be toggled on or off:

  • Calculations (for hidden value questions)

  • Display Conditions

  • Validation Conditions

  • Comments

  • Default Values

  • Case property loads

  • Case property saves

You can filter the list of questions either by question ID, by label, or by case property using the search box.

Clicking a question in the form summary will take you to that question in the form builder.

Case Summary

The case summary shows a list of every case type and case property defined for the application version you are viewing, along with where each of these case properties are used - loaded into questions, saved from questions or displayed in case lists or case details.

Calculated properties used only in case lists and case details can be toggled using the "Show Calculations" button.

Using the app summary for application QA

The app summary is useful while building an application.

Scenario: Renaming a case property in a registration form

Use the case summary to search for the old case property name to ensure no questions save or load to the old property, or that it isn't displayed in any case list or case detail.

Scenario: Making a change to duplicate logic

Often there are pieces of similar logic scattered across many forms that save or load from the same case property. When making a change to that duplicate logic, use the form summary to search for the affected case property to help you find all the references the duplicated logic block.

Scenario: Using previous versions to reinstate logic

You can view previous versions of the app summary by clicking on the corresponding button on the releases page. This can be used to look at questions or modules that have been deleted that you want to re-apply in your current app.

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