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At Dimagi we have a process wherein we have someone other than the app builder looks at the application and provide feedback, given the basic context of the project. This is useful for exploring whether the workflow, structure, and settings and optimal. Below are some of the main points to consider during an app review. Even if you no one is available to look at your app, it is useful to go through this list and make sure you have thought about all of these aspects.

This list encompasses aspects of usability as well as quality assurance.


  • Is order of forms/modules logical?
  • Is it clear how to register, update, close cases?

Application Settings

  • Name: Is application name descriptive and understandable?
  • Timezone: Is the project's timezone correct? 
  • (Java/J2ME) Project using latest stable version of Java/J2ME?
  • Application Settings
    • Sense Mode <- recommended Sense Mode on
    • Multiple/One Question Per Screen <- recommended One Question Per Screen
    • Sync Mode and Auto-Sync <- recommend that sync-mode is set to Two-Way and Auto-Sync is set to weekly. 
  • Final/testing build of application starred in HQ under deploy

Form Design and Logic

  • Correct questions marked as required
  • Groups are used appropriately, and in an efficient manner for organization
  • Reduced use of text input questions (use choices where possible instead of text input)
  • Minimal text for quetions, and clear language usage
  • Validation conditions where needed
  • Validation messages for any validation conditions
  • Appropriate questions have display logic (i.e. questions not asked at wrong time)


  • Multiple Languages: Is all display text and validation messages translated in all forms?  (Use bulk translations to check)
  • UI Translations: Are there UI translations for each language? 
  • Are your module/form names translated?
  • Is the Case List/Detail translated (including ID Mapping)?

Case Management

  • Case lists sorted correctly
  • Case list and detail showing valuable/useful information?
  • Case types named clearly (ideally lower case names)


  • Are images the right size? (HINT: test this on the phone type you are going to use)
  • Icon images in the form/module list (if appropriate)
  • Missing multimedia? Should be verified when starting application the first time. 
  • If audio, listen to complete audio set to verify it is correct and matches what is on the screen. 
  • Is there enough lag time before an audio clip starts (i.e. enough time for the user to hold the phone to their ear, if necessary)?


  • Are there key indicators the organization is interested? If so, is the application configured to capture that data accurately?
  • Are the questions and item values named accord to the data needs?


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