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CommCare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model 

Budgeting is one of the most important considerations for any mobile project. Building a holistic picture of all the related costs associated with a mobile project takes time. To help organizations estimate the total cost of adopting CommCare (or other mobile technologies) for frontline programs, we have developed an easy-to-use budgeting tool called the Total Cost of Ownership Model

The TCO Model serves as a simple, transparent exercise for organizations interested in understanding the cost of maintaining a mobile solution. The tool provides a model to budget the adoption and deployment of CommCare over five years, and is based on 10+ years of experience helping hundreds of partners determine their budgets.

The TCO Model helps organizations:  

  • Estimate the total cost of adopting CommCare or other mobile technologies
  • Explore permutations and plan budgets accordingly
  • Help groups understand and/or identify the real cost drivers to maintaining a mobile system
  • Assess how these costs can be shared by governments, external donors, NGOs, or others 

For additional context, please reference this blog post. Or please feel free to contact us with any questions on the TCO Model or your proposed project. 

For questions on our pricing, please view our plans here or contact us 
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