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  1. Advanced Case Management Tutorial Part 5 - How to Create an Edit Form

    to be editable, too). Save all of the questions you want to be editable as case properties, in the case management tab of your form settings page. Create a new follow … how a case is created and information is updated. Case: We have a football team composed of 14 players, a coach and a captain. Upon registration of the team
    CommCare PublicOct 22, 2018
  2. 3. Mapping Case Properties and Completing the Import

    This page covers Step 3 below image2015-7-24 12:22:11.png This page covers case properties mapping for two different scenarios 1. Creating Cases with Excel … Headers to Case Properties The next step is to map the columns in your Excel document to case properties that you want to create: you basically want to tell
    CommCare PublicNov 30, 2018
  3. Advanced Case Management Tutorial Part 1 - Saving Data to Case Properties

    Why to save data to the case as case properties How to save data to the case as case properties In this tutorial we will continue where we left off … +AB200+02+type@asset+block/case_management_new.png So far you have only saved data to one case property- a special one called "name." Every case has a property
    CommCare PublicJul 18, 2017
  4. Referencing Form Questions and Case Properties with Hashtags

    The below is a primer on how to reference form questions and case properties using the hashtag shortcut. When in doubt, you can always drag and drop questions or case properties from the windows on the left of the form builder. But if you want to go for speed, here's how the hashtags work Note: If you created your
    CommCare PublicAug 22, 2016
  5. Case Property History

    You can see how a data has changed over time for a particular case property by using the Case Property History feature built into the Case Data page of each case. When viewing any case, click on the name of the case property. A modal window will pop up to show you every submission that changed that particular property
    CommCare PublicMay 29, 2018
  6. Data Cleaning: Clean Case Data

    in the form builder have a similar limitation, where properties created via case importer are not recognized. To work around this, you can create a "fake" form … CommCare allows you to edit your case data directly through the Case List report. This feature allows you to edit properties or values connected to a case
    CommCare PublicJun 17, 2019
  7. Creating New Cases - 2. Select File to Import

    : image2014-2-25 15:39:35.png Make sure you check "Create New Cases if there is no matching case" Next: Mapping Case Properties to Import >> … and click on >> Next Step. On the next page, first choose your case type. If your desired case type is not listed, please create an application that contains
    CommCare PublicNov 30, 2018
  8. Developing a Data Dictionary or Codebook

    A codebook based on form contents may not help you understand how case properties are updated throughout the application. Instead, refer to the Application Summary, available in the “Application” tab of CommCare HQ under Settings. This tool shows which case properties have been saved and how different forms update
    CommCare PublicOct 27, 2017
  9. General Workflow Suggestions

    cases where a case property called case_to_close = "yes" and then the CloudCare user can deal with the case (i.e. determine if it is safe to close it, etc.) How … forms require a case (this allows the case list to show up before the form list) Set up your forms: In each form create a case property called next_form Set
    CommCare PublicFeb 19, 2019
  10. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Register a Case For Messaging

    phone number per case. We need to save this phone number to a specially named case property called contact_phone_number. Create and Setup a New Application In your … 13:18:34.png And then set the case type to pregnancy. image2014-12-12 13:20:50.png Create the Registration Form This tutorial assumes you already know how
    CommCare PublicSep 30, 2015