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  1. Date Display and Formatting

    the system Changing the format for how dates are displayed in labels or other read-only text Example A Label question which displays a date collected elsewhere, like "The mother's estimated date of delivery is 07-07-2019" How to Update You can use the format-date
    CommCare PublicJul 23, 2018
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  4. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Date Based Reminder

    Conditional Reminders The final reminder that we'll setup will go out to a different date for each client, based on their date of delivery. This reminder … want to send this reminder 3 days before the expected delivery date at 9am. For Day of Reminder choose Date in Case. Specify the case property as edd
    CommCare PublicJan 05, 2015
  5. Hidden Values Tutorial Part 2: Calculations Using a Date

    Hidden Values Example 2: Calculate Using a Date A common calculation is to take the date of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and calculate the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD). In general terms, the way we do this is by taking the date of LMP and adding approximately 9 months to it. In CommCare terms, we want to take
    CommCare PublicMar 28, 2017
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  7. Tutoriel sur les Valeurs masquées 2e Partie : Calculs utilisant une date

    Tutoriel sur les Valeurs 2: Calculs utilisant une date La méthode de calcul habituelle consiste à noter la date des dernières règles (DDR) et de calculer la Date prévue d’accouchement (DPA). D’une manière générale, nous allons prendre la date DDR et y ajouter environ 9 mois. En termes de CommCare, nous voulons prendre
    CommCare PublicApr 30, 2018
  8. Excel Tips and Tricks

    this excel formula: For the time (hh:mm:ss) portion of the data, use this: =IF(ISERROR(VALUE(LEFT(cell_reference,10))),0,VALUE(MID(cell_reference,12,8))) For the date (mm/dd/yyyy) portion of the data, use this: =IFERROR(VALUE(LEFT(cell_reference,10)),"-") Example: =IFERROR(VALUE(LEFT(a2,10)),"-") If you create
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  9. Excel Fundamentals & Shortcuts

    + Shift + Directional Arrow Fill/Copy Formula across range: Ctrl + R; Ctrl + D Beginning / End of sheet: Ctrl + Home / Ctrl + End Cycle between sheets: Ctrl + Page Up … Cells Menu: Ctrl + 1 Select Row / Column: Shift + Spacebar / Ctrl + Spacebar Alternative Fill/Copy formula across range Copy cell with formula Click in name box
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