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  1. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Date Based Reminder

    Conditional Reminders The final reminder that we'll setup will go out to a different date for each client, based on their date of delivery. This reminder … want to send this reminder 3 days before the expected delivery date at 9am. For Day of Reminder choose Date in Case. Specify the case property as edd
    CommCare PublicJan 05, 2015
  2. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Conditional Reminders

    worker, indicating that the mother is due for delivery soon and she should be checked up on. Date Based Reminder Fixed Date Based Reminder Link
    CommCare PublicApr 15, 2015
  3. Keywords Tutorial - Setup a Reminder Alert for Missed Data Collection

    to be sent to All Cases. Day of Reminder: You can also control date and the reminder will be sent. For this reminder, we want it to be sent based on a Date In Case. Choose the last_reported_date and send the reminder after the date by 1 day. Time of Day: We'll send this reminder in the evening at 7pm, so choose At a Specific
    CommCare PublicDec 27, 2016
  4. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Welcome Message Reminder

    can also control what day or date and what time the reminder will be sent. For this reminder, we want it to be sent Immediately image2014-12-12 16:41:55.png … Setup a Mobile Worker for Messaging We'll now configure a reminder that will be sent to every registered mother. This message will inform them that they maybe
    CommCare PublicAug 21, 2017
  5. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Testing and Viewing Scheduled Reminders

    Date Based Reminder Now that our reminders and application is setup, you can use a mobile worker to register a new pregnant mother and view her scheduled reminders on CommCareHQ. Setup a Sample Case Register a new mobile worker for your project and add a new phone number as described in the Setup a Mobile Worker
    CommCare PublicJun 12, 2017
  6. Conditional Alert Use Cases

    an Appointment Reminder Sending appointment reminders to your case contacts is another common use case. To do this, just choose to start the Conditional Alert on a date from a case property. You will need to store the date of the appointment in this case property from your app. You can then choose to send the reminder a certain
    CommCare PublicSep 14, 2018
  7. Messaging Beginner Tutorial

    Reminder Setup a Reminder That Sends Based on a Date in a Case Viewing Messages in the Reminder Calendar and Message Log Before starting this tutorial, setup a new … some info Conditional Reminders - This will be sent to mothers with danger signs Date Based Reminder - This will be sent to health workers before mothers are due
    CommCare PublicAug 21, 2017
  8. Requirements Specification

    unless this form is filled out. Phase 1: daily reminders based on a start date - straightforward Phase 2: weekly reminders based on a start date - straightforward … reminders for a month. Arm A: Phase 2 After that, weekly reminders for 2 months. Arm B: Phase 1 Reminders after 48 hours of wisepill NOT reporting a 'device opened
    WisePillFeb 20, 2013
  9. Reminder Calendar

    The Reminder Calendar is a convenient way to see upcoming, scheduled text messages. The Reminder Calendar shows the following information for each message … : The name of the case to which the message is to be sent WHAT: The name of the reminder or survey which is going to be sent Location The Reminder Calendar is located
    CommCare PublicAug 11, 2017
  10. L10K 2020 Release 2 Requirements v4 esr 1.31_LF.pdf

    Visit Client 2 days before visit date {} is due for childhood immunisation visit on {} at {case.location}. Reminder for TT Immunization Visit Client 2 days before visit date {} is due for TT immunisation visit on {} at {case.location}. Reminder for FP follow-up date Client 2 days before