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  1. Note: If you have multimedia, download your multimedia zip file from CommCareHQ, plug in your phone to a computer and copy the zip file to the phone. 
  2. Open CommCare (Applications -> CommCare)
  3. Choose the Enter URL option (recommended) or use the barcode scanner to scan the application QR code on CommCareHQ
  4. Enter the App Code for your application (or scan the QR code)
  5. Choose Begin Install
  6. Phone will connect to the internet and download your application
  7. If you have multimedia, you will prompted about missing multimedia.  Press the Settings -> Install Multimedia
  8. Choose the folder button and find the multimedia zip file you copied to the phone
  9. Multimedia should validate correctly


There are many free Android applications that can be useful to the phone's users. Here are some favorites: