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Insert the first name or the last name of the mobile worker that you are searching for.


You can search by the dates date_joinedlast_login, e.g.

date_joined:[2011-01-01 TO 2012-01-01]
last_login:[2013-01-01 TO *]
date_joined:[2011-01-01 TO *] AND last_login:[2013-01-01 TO *]

Searching across multiple columns

Searches can be chained using AND and OR, e.g. but AND and OR must be capitalized.

first_name:parker AND last_login:[2012-01-01 TO *]

Partial Searches

"*" can be appended to the end of search terms to perform partial searches, e.g.

if searching for mobile worker with a name that begins with "chris" then type chris* 

The above will return any mobile worker whose first name begins with "chris" - e.g. users named Christopher, Christine, Chrissy would all be returned

Deactivate and Delete Mobile Workers