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This page contains various resources for designing CommCare applications

Getting Started

When designing an application you want to start with several major questions:

  1. What is the context of the project?
    1. Who are the beneficiaries?
    2. Who are the users?
    3. What are the data needs?
  2. Define the structure: modules and forms
    1. What are the major events (i.e. registration, monthly visits, meetings, etc.)?
    2. What is the structure of the community or intervention
    3. How can the structure be optimized for usability/help the mobile user?
  3. Define the content
    1. Multimedia
    2. Advice
    3. Actual questions

Application Worksheet and "Definition File"

When developing an application, the first step is to "define" the application. This is often done by completing a worksheet. The worksheet walks through the major questions outlined above and is meant to get the app designer thinking about the possible structure of the app. It also helps to understand how complex the program will be, and what type of resources will be required (i.e. multimedia development, approval of health counseling messages, etc.). 

  • A copy of the CommCare worksheet is available here. Before you fill it out, please read the following instructions
  • En français: cliquez ici pour accéder la feuille de travail et les instructions pour le remplir.
  • En español: haga clic aquí para acceder a la hoja de trabajo.  Un ejemplo completo en español se encuentra disponible aquí.

After a prototype application has been developed form the work sheet, an Excel "definition file" can be exported form CommCare (see Export Form Contents). The definition file is an easy way to quickly iterate on an application, as it is in a familiar format (Excel).

See this video for more detail on completing the worksheet:

Application Specifications

When designing applications it is often easier to use a familiar medium like a word document or excel file.

Open Source Application Specs


Workflow Suggestions

Here are some common workflows and suggestions on how you can design an application to support them:

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