Here you will find a number of new CommCare Application Building Tutorials

These tutorials walk through, in detail, how to build CommCare applications. They build upon one another, so it is useful to start with the Beginning Tutorial and move through the tutorials in order.


1. Beginner Tutorial - Start here to get set up on CommCare, get oriented to the application builder, and build your first one-form application!

  1. Setting up a new Work Space
  2. Changing form, module, and application names
  3. Creating a new form
  4. Adding, deleting, and changing the order of questions in a form
  5. Adding Question IDs and Display Text to a question
  6. Adding a display condition using the Expression Builder
  7. Adding a validation condition using the Expression Builder
  8. Testing forms in CloudCare
  9. Making a new version of your application
  10. Testing a form in CommCare

2. Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial - you'll be an expert at form building once you learn how you can use "hidden values" to do calculations!

3. Basic Case Management Tutorial (Case Management Part 1)

Note: you must complete Case Management Part 2 in order to successfully use Case Management in CommCare)

4. Advanced Case Management Tutorial (Case Management Part 2)