If you are a CommCare HQ user with Admin permissions to your project space, you can configure some overall project settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen or by selecting Settings from the Dashboard:

You will see a page with a number of different options:


Project Information

Basic: Configure general settings for your project, including:

Privacy and Security: Configure privacy and security settings for your project space

My Timezone: This feature allows you to view the reports in a different timezone from the reports default timezone. Details on the timezone configuration page.

Project Administration

Feature Previews: Before we invest in making certain product features generally available, we release them as Feature Previews to learn the following two things from usage data and qualitative feedback.


Data Forwarding: If you would like to capture the data on your own server in addition to CommCareHQ, you can forward all form submissions from CommCareHQ to a URL


Current Subscription: Overview of the active subscription plan, start date, end date, and basic usage summary.

Billing Information: Manage your organization's billing information.

Billing Statements: View and download all invoices associated with the project space.