Supported Browsers

When using CommCareHQ we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer/Edge and Safari are not well-supported by CommCareHQ and may be difficult to use.

You can download the recommended browsers for free at the links below:

Useful Shortcuts

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Open multiple tabs or windows

Incognito/Private Windows

Purpose: Allows you to open a new browser window that does not remember any of your active log-ins or history. In Chrome this is called Incognito Mode and in Firefox it is called Private Browsing.


On CommCareHQ: You can log into two CommCare account simultaneously using an incognito/privacy window. This is very useful if you want to simulate what CommCareHQ will look like for a mobile user. You can remain logged into CommCareHQ as web user and then open an incognito/private window in which you log in as a mobile user. The sessions will be remain separate.