Validation Conditions "check" responses to make sure they meet the constraints that you specify. Validation conditions work such that if the entered information does not meet the logic you specify, a flagged message pops up for the user and blocks them from proceeding to the next question.

If you want to create complex expressions please see Advanced Validation Conditions.

Validation Message

In the Validation Message field, enter the desired message that will pop up if the entered information does not meet your validation condition.  You can enter a different message for each language of your application.  If you do not specify a validation message the user will see a generic message like "The response is out of range." It is strongly recommended to always use a useful validation message.



This Validation makes sure that the phone number entered contains 10 digits.

Complex Example


This Validation makes sure that the date of birth is both in the past, and between the ages of 10 and 59.